Advancing Calf Welfare: Agri-Plastics' Trailblazing Solutions

In an era marked by evolving animal welfare regulations, Agri-Plastics has emerged as a pioneer, setting the standard for calf rearing practices. With a rich history spanning over a decade across Denmark, Canada, the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, and the Netherlands, the company's innovative buddy systems stand as a testament to its foresight and steadfast commitment to progressive welfare practices.

Agri-Plastics' proactive approach consistently positions it ahead of regulatory changes and societal expectations. The company's advocacy for the buddy system long before its regulatory recognition underscores its leadership in the industry. This practice, now widely acknowledged as a benchmark, closely aligns with the company's core ethos—placing calf welfare above all else.

Complementing the buddy system is Agri-Plastics' "Focus on Five" philosophy, rigorously applied to ensure comprehensive calf welfare. This framework, extending beyond mere guidelines, forms the cornerstone of a superior rearing environment addressing ventilation, bedding, temperature control, feeding, and management.

Recognizing the importance of a holistic welfare strategy, Agri-Plastics emphasizes that encouraging social interactions among calves must be part of a broader approach. The "Focus on Five" philosophy ensures that promoting buddying or increased calf contact does not compromise other vital aspects of calf health.

The significance of Agri-Plastics' indoor solutions, such as the Ultra Flex Pen (UFP), underscores its commitment to calf welfare. This innovative housing solution not only meets regulatory standards but exceeds them by providing a flexible environment for social growth. The UFP's design allows for easy grouping of calves while ensuring the flexibility to isolate them when necessary, highlighting Agri-Plastics' holistic approach to calf welfare.

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Agri-Plastics: Buddies for Life - the benefits of Paired Calf Housing

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