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At Creva International, we link top-tier products with farms worldwide, improving life for livestock and farmers alike. Representing industry-leading brands, we prioritize animal welfare and innovative feeding tech. With our expertise, we boost farm efficiency, sustainability, and value for our customers and partners.  

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 The Livestock Solutions People

At Creva International, we're dedicated to understanding your needs. Through consultation, we align with your goals, leveraging our industry experience to connect you with the right factories. But we go further—we blend products to create tailored solutions, enhancing your operations.

Creva Consults

At Creva International, our consultative approach is key to delivering tailored solutions. Through in-depth consultations, we actively listen to your needs, providing expert guidance for your farm or distribution business. As trusted partners, we ensure our solutions align perfectly with your goals, building relationships and delivering results that matter.  

Creva Connects

We don't just offer quality products; we connect you to exactly what you need. Leveraging our vast industry network and expertise, we match distributors with perfect-fit factories efficiently. Whether you're a farmer, distributor or a factory, we bridge the gap for mutually beneficial partnerships, ensuring you get tailored solutions.  

Creva Combines

At Creva International, we excel at crafting custom solutions by blending products from various factories. With extensive experience and deep farm knowledge, we creatively merge products to meet your unique needs. Whether it's a large-scale project or specialized solutions, count on us to engineer the perfect mix for success.  

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Our Brand Partners

Huber Technik

Since 1990, Huber Technik has become Europe’s leader in specifically animal-friendly, seamless rubber floorings. It manufactures comfort rolls and top covers from high-quality new rubber material in Erding, Germany.  


Agri-Plastics stands as a beacon of innovation in the agricultural industry. Their top-quality, precision-engineered products, which range from calf hutches to feed carts, are designed to promote animal well-being while simplifying the daily routines of farmers. 


Durapak was established in 1991 by Seamus O’Callaghan, and has consistently pioneered innovation and quality in the field of agricultural solutions. With roots in crop packaging, the business soon evolved into a diverse range of products e.g. slat rubber, aimed at enhancing livestock comfort, efficiency, and overall farm productivity.


Urban calf feeding technologies represent the cutting edge of livestock care and nutrition. With a deep commitment to improving the well-being and growth of young calves, Urban offers innovative solutions that ensure optimal feeding precision and efficiency. 


Agri-Comfort, is a leading provider of livestock comfort solutions. Their unwavering commitment to animal well-being is reflected in their innovative and high-quality product range, designed to enhance the comfort, health, and productivity of livestock. Products include Agri-Diamond Rubber Flooring, Agri-Grid Sand Saver, Poly Brisket Board, .....

Geyer & Hosaja

Geyer & Hosaja, a proud family-owned Polish company, boasts nearly three decades of expertise in the rubber industry. Operating from four state-of-the-art production facilities in Partynia (HQ), Przeworsk, Mielec, and Warka, they have a team of over 1,000 skilled professionals and manufacture an impressive 80,000 tonnes of rubber products annually.  G&H products are sold in 95 countries across the globe.

OK Plast

OK Plast is renowned for its inventive, high-quality solutions that supports cow comfort, hygiene, and the promotion of sustainable farming practices.  Their products, which include cow brushes, mats, and other innovative solutions, have garnered a reputation for enhancing the well-being and productivity of dairy cows and beef cattle. 


HMI, a well-established name in the agricultural industry, has been a pioneer in developing calf feeding technology. HMI offers innovative calf feeding systems that have a focus on precision, ease of use, and improved calf comfort.  HMI excels at providing farmers with reliable and customizable solutions which enhance the growth and welfare of calves while streamlining daily operations.


Galaxy Animal Comfort product range is a division of IndProcess Innovation Pvt Ltd. IndProcess are rubber and metal engineers who manufacture within various industrial sectors. The factories are located in India and produce large and small rubber mats/parts, metalwork and handle mould design and fabrication.


Calf Comfort innovative calf jackets offer an effective means of safeguarding calves from harsh weather conditions and providing them with the comfort they need to thrive. With a focus on quality, durability, and functionality, Calf Comfort calf jackets are a trusted choice for those who seek to nurture healthy and contented calves, helping farmers create ideal environments for their young animals.


StrongBo specializes in providing state-of-the-art farm management systems, farm automation, and precision livestock farming tools, all designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of agricultural operations. With a focus on data-driven insights and sustainability, StrongBo empowers farmers to make informed decisions, streamline their processes, and improve the well-being of their livestock. 



Creva International streamlines operations, ensuring rapid and efficient delivery of pedigree products to responsible farms. Our expertise transforms intricate transactions into smooth and stress-free experiences.​​

We Consult

We offer expert consultations to understand your unique needs and guide you toward tailored solutions.

We Connect

We establish strategic connections, linking distributors with factories to ensure efficient and seamless collaborations.

We Combine

We creatively blend products from various sources to craft customized solutions, utilizing our years of experience and farm knowledge to meet specific project requirements.