Creva International

We connect pedigree products to responsible farms around the world to enable them to build a better everyday life for cows and farmers. We help farmers focus on what they do best - caring for animals and producing the best quality products.

What Creva International
can do for you

We simplify processes to get pedigree products into the hands of responsible farms quickly and efficiently. We make complex transactions seamless and hassle-free.

We Love Farms and Farmers

Our founder, Noel Kelly, has spent his life living and working on his generations-old family dairy farm in Athenry, Ireland. This life-long love and respect for farmers drives everything we do.

We Build Lasting Relationships

At Creva International, we have a vast global network of clients and experts and we take pride in making everyone feel like family by demonstrating trust, integrity and respect daily.

We Joyfully Share Knowledge and Expertise

Paying it forward is a core value - we are active in our commitment to provide the latest research to our network.

CREVA International News:


“Good news alert! We are pleased to announce our CEO and Founder Noel Kelly has been recognized by the IUCAB – Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers as the INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL AGENT of the year! This is a tremendous honor – well done and congrats to Noel and the whole team at”

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Why Choose Us

We don’t want to be the biggest B2B agricultural connector but we do want to be the best

We are rooted in 100+ years of experience in agri business and we will continue to be of service for 100 more – our legacy and history makes us unique in the sector.
We sell only the best proven pedigree solutions at the best price to the dairy welfare and
livestock industry world

About Creva International

Creva International represents the highest standard of agricultural products in the animal welfare sector and we  connect these companies to distributors, farmers and large-scale operations who need them. Through doing this we allow for both the suppliers and the end users to grow their operations, enter new markets and make new connections within the industry.