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    Welcome To Creva International

    Creva International works in partnership with the farmer, the distributor and the product, it is a facilitator in B2B relationships who represent the best agri-product manufacturers in the world-helping our client companies grow through telling their stories globally.
    We aim to help the world’s best companies to expand their product range into new markets through making great business-to-business connections. Our goal is to be of progressive and quantifiable service to these companies and to provide a positive influence and support to any company we deal with, however big or small. As an international company we deal with clients across Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and Russia.

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    Meet Our Founder

    Creva International was founded by Noel Kelly in 2011 and it reflects his personal values of the importance of developing and maintaining quality business to business sales relationships.

    The name ‘Creva’ comes from his family farm which, for almost 40 years, won some of the highest awards and sales auctions for Pedigree Holstein Friesian Cows in Ireland.

    Through Noel’s lifelong experience as a Dairy Farmer and experience gained on other dairy farms globally, Noel possesses both the technical ability and knowledge to really understand the needs of operators on their Dairy farms.

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    Brands We Represent

    Agri-Plastics Manufacturing is owned and operated by Third-Generation Dairymen. It is through hands-on experience that Agri-Plastics’ develops and tests their products. Agri-Plastics mission is to offer the best quality products for the farming industry by designing products that meet the customers’ expectations, while establishing a world reputation for reliability and durability.

    For over 30 years, Agglorex has been a leader in the production of polyurethane and latex foam based agglomerated comfort foams. As an independent company, Agglorex has the ability to source and select the best available raw materials from manufacturers, thus guaranteeing an optimal result for each customer.

    Dobro, part of the Geyer & Hosaja Company, is one of the largest producers of rubber products in Poland. Their 25-years of experience in the rubber industry allow them to offer highest quality goods which meet the world standards.

    Since 1990, Huber Technik has become Europe’s leader in specifically animal-friendly, seamless rubber floorings. They manufacture comfort rolls and top covers from high-quality new rubber material in Erding/Upper Bavaria, Germany. Huber Technik currently has installed over 2 million cubicles throughout Europe with NO Warranty issues!