Farmer Phil's European Calf Rearing Adventure

Embarking on a quest for innovation, Creva International's owner, Noel Kelly, and the fervent advocate of progressive farming, Farmer Phil from Longford, Ireland, set out on an enlightening European trip to witness the forefront of calf rearing solutions. Accompanied by Farmer Phil's wife Liv and father, the team embarked on an unforgettable trip to experience firsthand some of the most innovative and best practices in calf care. 

Day 1 The Netherlands: Agri-Plastics Nederlands / Van Spijker Farm with Agri-Plastics Hutches & Power Digester:

Our journey commenced in The Netherlands, where we immersed ourselves in the heart of calf care innovation. At Agri-Plastics Nederlands, we explored cutting-edge solutions that redefine calf rearing. The Van Spijker Farm showcased the seamless integration of Agri-Plastics Hutches and the revolutionary Power Digester system, highlighting the pinnacle of sustainability in calf care. The practical application of these innovations demonstrates how technology harmonizes with tradition for optimal calf well-being.

Day 2 Bremen, Germany: Urban Factory & Urban Farm Visits:

From The Netherlands, our adventure led us to Bremen, Germany, home to the Urban Factory, a hub of technological marvels in calf care. A tour of the factory unveiled the intricate design and precision behind the Urban Alma Pro feeder, leaving our team in awe of its capabilities. Urban Farm Visits provided valuable insights into how German farms are embracing Urban solutions for efficient and progressive calf rearing practices.

Day 3 Munich, Germany: Huber Cow Comfort Factory & Bavarian Farm Tour:

The last leg of our trip led us to Munich, Germany, where we delved into the Huber Cow Comfort Factory, a testament to the commitment to cow well-being. From innovative bedding solutions to state-of-the-art comfort features, the factory showcased a holistic approach to livestock care. The Bavarian Farm Tour offered a perfect culmination, providing a glimpse into the integration of cutting-edge technology and traditional farming.

As our journey unfolded, the dedication to pioneering advancements in calf care became apparent. The collaborative efforts of Agri-Plastics, Urban, and Huber exemplify the global dedication to revolutionizing how we care for our calves. Returning to Ireland, Farmer Phil and the team, in partnership with Creva International, are armed not just with memories but with a profound commitment to elevate calf rearing practices.

At Creva International, our ethos centers on forging partnerships with the best in livestock solutions. Our collaborative ventures with industry leaders amplify our capacity to bring cutting-edge innovations, witnessed on this expedition, to farmers. Our calf care journey continues driven by the pursuit of excellence and our unwavering dedication to calf and cow comfort. Together, with our esteemed partners, we stride forward to redefine the future of calf rearing.

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