OK Plast

Producers of specialist plastic products for livestock

OK PLAST is a specialist producer of high grade plastic products for livestock.  Since the company was established in 1975, their mission has always been to develop the best product solutions. Through intense R&D and close cooperation with the state research institution Statens Jordbrugstekniske Forsøg (now Statens Forsøgsvirksomhed), they have developed a completely unique plastic for today’s – and tomorrow’s – animal housing.

Products are manufactured using a special plastic which ensures:

  • Supreme quality
  • Durability 
  • UV stabilized for longevity
  • Perfect finish and design
  • Hygienic 
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Raw materials comply with the regulations for contact with food
  • Products designed for cows, calves, horses, pigs, sheep & goats
  • Almost 100 products in the range. Made in Denmark.

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