Huber are a German based manufacturing company, established in 1925,

began developing and selling mattresses in 1990 and have since rapidly worked their way up to become

Europe’s leader in developing high-quality animal friendly, seamless rubber floorings. 

Making Cow Comfort Their Number 1 Priority.
Improved Cow Productivity
Cattle Bed Optimised For Health & Productivity



Their manufactured cubicle floorings allow the dairy cows to lie softly, comfortably and most importantly, happily.

The farmers who use Hubers products benefit from increased milk production that happier and contented cows produce in

addition to the time savings during the cleaning process. They make all of their cubicle floorings

from DIN 3763 Standard, because, with over 3 million cow spaces installed, they know exactly what cows like.


All of their flooring and rubber tops are manufactured from new tyre compound and they experience an

extremely low warranty claim, which is a testament to the quality they produce. To further support this,

Huber Technik have the more rubber roll in use after over 10 years than any other company globally.


Their high-end production equipment, world leading strong fabric mesh and sustainable

production methods using solar and steam are all a result of their innovative mindset and constant

desire to produce the best quality for all their customers.

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