Introducing the 7 Stages of Cow

At Creva International, we are dedicated to supporting farmers at every stage of the cow's life cycle. From newborn calves to mature milking cows, each phase presents unique challenges and opportunities for herd management. That's why we're excited to introduce the concept of the 7 Stages of Cow, a comprehensive guide to understanding cattle growth and development.

Stage 1: Newborn Calf (0 - 5 days)

The journey begins with the arrival of a newborn calf. Colostrum management and proper nutrition are critical during this stage to ensure the health and vitality of the calf. 

Watch out for: colostrum management, safety of calf, interaction with mom.

Creva Solution: Cuddle Box, Starter Pen, Calf Jackets

Stage 2: Pre-weaned Milk Calf (5 - 60 days)

Pre-weaned milk calf (bull or heifer).

Watch out for: respiratory disease, scours, monitor live weight gain.

Creva Solution: Agri-Plastics pens, Agri-Plastics hutches, Calf Jackets, Urban automated feeder, OK Plast feeding accessories, Milk Bar

Stage 3: Transitioning to Bigger Group (60 - 90 days)

Calves transition to larger group housing.  Calves are finished on milk and socialising with the herd.   Fresh air and ventilation is key. 

Watch out for: stress from change e.g. social, environmental, nutritional. Monitor live weight gain.

Creva Solution: Agri-Plastics Group Hutches & Pens, OK Plast feeding accessories


Stage 4: Heifer or Steer (3 months to 15 months)

Heifer or Steer is gaining weight and achieving live weight gain targets for their breed. Lots of feed, fresh bedding, and ventilation is key. 

Watch out for: development and live weight gain.

Creva Solution: rubber flooring, slat rubber, cow brushes.

Stage 5: Breeding for the First Time (15 months)

Heifers are now at their breeding stage. Good stall design and cow comfort is essential. 

Watch out for: development and live weight gain.

Creva Solution: mattress solutions like the Huber Technik 4GS, high grip rubber flooring in walkways and alleyways.  

Stage 6: Milking Stage (24 months +)

Lots of fresh air, comfortable bedding, and safe flooring are hugely important. High levels of comfort means high productivity levels. Give cows the same comfort level as that on pasture.

Watch out for: optimal rest and feeding, safe flooring, fresh air, and comfortable bedding. 

Creva Solution: brisket board, cow brushes, high grip rubber matting, mattress systems. 

Stage 7: Yearly Calf Rearing (0 - 30 days)

This is the calving period and having soft, clean bedding is essential. 

Watch out for: cows having the right body condition at calving. Soft clean bedded calving pen for the cow along with safe and warm shelter for the calf.  

Creva Solution: rubber matting for under the straw in the calving pen, cuddle box, starter pen. 

In subsequent blog posts, we will delve deeper into each stage of the cow's life cycle, highlighting specific products and solutions to address the unique needs of cattle at every stage. Stay tuned for more insights and resources from Creva International, your trusted partner.   

7 Stages of Cow

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