Agri-Plastics, founded in 1990, started with the ambition of improving calf housing and comfort across the globe,

a goal in which they’ve achieved and more. At their core, they’re a Canadian family run business true to their roots in the dairy industry.


A quote from a third generation dairyman and Agri-Plastics CEO, Darren Vanbuuren,

shows their passion and love for what they do.



 ‘After being in this industry for over 25 years, every day still brings something new!

I love working on the production floor and with customers, coming up with solutions and ideas in plastic’

Calf Housing
Calf Feeder Pen



By utilising the process of rotomolding, they’re able to manufacture durable, high-quality products

that enhance the agricultural industry. The Agri-Plastics hutches, for example, are world renowned for their

innovative durability, efficiency and ease of use, which is proven by their near-zero 10 year warranty claim.


They’re an organisation built on innovation and improvements. With over 20 new products

being designed and sold since 1993, they’re truly industry trailblazers in the dairy world.



Their mission is to deliver the highest quality products and strive to maintain their international

reputation for reliability and durability whilst meeting customer expectations and paving the way for cow comfort.

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