Creva has a massive resource of connections globally, with six factories,
60 distributors and thousands of other international contacts. If you’re
looking for a particular product or solution, we can either introduce or
support you in sourcing this product. This includes, but is not limited to:
calf scales; range of various metal and plastic tubular; fixings; plastic racks;
calf jackets; budget cow comfort mats; plastic-coated metal calf slats; and
water-proof plywood (stormboard), to name just a few. Contact Creva for
more information.
At Creva Agri International, we also partner with the following
companies to deliver outstanding solutions.
Eicient feeding solutions for large-scale/mega calf-rearing operations.
Complete line of milk bottle trailers, milk mixing and filling equipment,
wash systems, hutch li and bedding systems and much, much more.
Hatfield’s calf-feeding solutions are a perfect complement to Agri-Plastics’
calf-raising systems.
A revolution in calf ventilation... Finally, a single duct system that works
in all seasons! A perfect complement to Agri-Plastics’ indoor range.