Made by dairy farmers
for dairy farmers
Established in 1983,
manufacturing since 1993
Proud Canadian family-run
business with production only
in Canada and the US
Strongest hutch on the market
(prove us wrong)
Virtually zero-warranty claim
Sell it and forget it
Unique and patented ventilation
20+ new products since 1993,
with continual updates
and modifications
Advanced production
Agri-Plastics hutches are prized the world over for their unique durability,
eiciency and ease of use. But at the heart of it all is a family true to its roots,
delivering proven calf housing systems for dairy farmers, by dairy farmers.
Agri-Plastics’ mission is to oer the best-quality products for the farming industry by designing products that meet
customers’ expectations, while establishing a world reputation for reliability and durability. Agri-Plastics hutches
are world-renowned for their durability, eiciency and ergonomic design. Whether you need group housing,
starter pens or more flexible calf housing, Agri-Plastics can help you achieve maximum return on investment.
Built tough enough to handle the most demanding operations, and backed by a 10-year limited warranty, a Calf
Hutch from Agri-Plastics is the number-one choice of farmers worldwide.