Indoor Calf Raising Pens


[two_third] Our innovative Indoor Calf Pen allows complete observation of your calves, and our Heavy Duty Front Feeding Door makes accessing your calves quick and easy. [/two_third][one_third][/one_third][/one] [one]



  • Our unique, interlocking, tongue in groove system makes for quick and easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and lightweight, one person can do the job
  • The fastening system also allows you to dismantle units in minutes
  • Does not promote the growth of bacteria or spread disease
  • Pin holder storage – “No more lost pins”
  • Adjustable door
  • Separate water and feed buckets – prevents food contamination
  • Rear rotary vents on freestanding models



Free Standing Pens

  • Built in calf dividers, keeping calves apart, to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Built in pail holder, with pail divider, prevents food contamination.
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Wall Mounted Pens

Wall Mounted Pens allow for greater flexibility of your space. [/one] [one]

Drop In Go Wire Back Pen System

The Wire Back Pen System features a galvanized rear wire panel that increases ventilation for the overall welfare of the calves. This system is best utilized in buildings with insufficient ventilation. Opening the rear panel of the calf pen enables better airflow for the calf’s environment. Also, with the Wire Back Pen System, bedding from the rear of the pen can be done with ease and no obstructions. [/one] [one]

Euro Model Drop-in-Go Pen System

Our Euro Model Drop-in-Go Pen System has been designed for European standards. [/one] [one_fourth][feature_box title=”” image=”https://fiontair.com/creva/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/1121.png” link_text=”” link=”” target=”_blank” border=”1″]Free Standing Pens[/feature_box][/one_fourth] [one_fourth][feature_box title=”” image=”https://fiontair.com/creva/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/111111.png” link_text=”” link=”” target=”_blank” border=”1″]Wall Mounted Pens[/feature_box][/one_fourth] [one_fourth][feature_box title=”” image=”https://fiontair.com/creva/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/wireback-300×22511.png” link_text=”” link=”” target=”_blank” border=”1″]Go Wire Back Pen System[/feature_box][/one_fourth] [one_fourth][feature_box title=”” image=”https://fiontair.com/creva/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/117.png” link_text=”” link=”” target=”_blank” border=”1″]Drop-in-Go Pen System[/feature_box][/one_fourth] [one]


7´ PANELImperialMetric
Outside Dimensions50″W x 8’5″L x 43″ H127 cm W x 259 cm L x 109 cm H
Inside Living Area46″W x 7′ L x 43″ H117 cm W x 213 cm L x 109 cm H
6´ PANELImperialMetric
Outside Dimensions50″W x 7’5″ L x 43″ H127 cm W x 226 cm L x 109 cm H
Inside Living Area46″W x 6′ L x 43″ H117 cm W x 183 cm L x 109 cm H
5´ PANELImperialMetric
Outside Dimensions50″W x 6′ 5″ L x 43″ H127 cm W x 198 cm L x 109 cm H
Inside Living Area46″W x 5′ L x 43″ H117 cm W x 152 cm L x 109 cm H
4´ PANELImperialMetric
Outside Dimensions50″W x 5′ 5″L x 43″ H127 cm W x 167 cm L x 109 cm H
Inside Living Area46″W x 4′ L x 43″ H117cm W x 122 cm L x 109 cm H
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