Since 1990, Huber Technik has become Europe’s leader in specifically animal-friendly, seamless rubber floorings. It manufactures comfort rolls and top covers from high-quality new rubber material in Erding, Germany.


  • Established in 1925, manufacturing mattresses since 1990
  • Fourth-generation family-run business in Erding, Germany
  • 3 million cow spaces installed


  • High-end production equipment
  • New fabric mesh – six times stronger than equivalent in China
  • Sustainable production methods using solar, steam and highly skilled labour


  • Unique and patented ventilation methods
  • 20+ new products since 1993, with continual updates and modifications
  • Advanced production technology

Huber Technik has had more rubber roll installed which is still in use after over 10 years than any other company in the world. All Huber Technik products are made from ‘new tyre compound’, making it the only rolled rubber manufacturer in the world to use this type of compound. Its comfort rolls have been proven to be six times stronger than similar products of this kind. Huber Technik comfort and alley rolls have all been certified by DLG. All Huber floorings are made exclusively in its factory in Erding. It has over 40 steam-heated hydraulic presses available. Huber Technik’s floorings are delivered in rolls. For farmers, this means the floorings are easy to install.