The Best Group Hutches on the Market


When calves are raised in calf hutches and then, after weaning, are placed with a large group, it causes much stress on the calf. By transitioning weaned calves into a group hutch you will eliminate the competition for food and water, and the calf will adapt to being with others.
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  • Front ridge top roof vent, rear rotary top vent
  • Extra hutch height for longer growth periods
  • Molded in one place for superior strength – no rivets to break
  • Integrated poly skid – will not freeze to ground like a wood skid
  • Easy open “Swing Up Rear Bedding Door”

Group Transition Pen

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Group hutch lift kit

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Group Hutch Specifications

Outside Height:79″201 cm
Outside Length:89″226 cm
Outside Width:106″269 cm
Weight:250 lbs113 kg
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