Indprocess Innovation private Limited were established in 2015 as a rubber goods manufacturer,

where they supplied quality rubber worldwide. Shortly after, due to a successful launch and high demand,

they expanded their team and began supplying world class goods in the rubber, tooling and

metal industries to their clients around the globe. Utilising India’s intelligent, dedicated workforce,

they are able to produce over 10,000 products per month in over 50 annual projects.

Galaxy Rubber Factory.
Galaxy Slat Rubber Mat For Cattle.
Making High Quality Cow Comfort Products.

What they make?

Galaxy produces a huge range of products for a number of different industries, but are specialists in creating

innovative animal comfort products. Using their high-quality, durable rubber compound, they have designed

a range of sanitary and safe animal comfort mats for a variety of farm animals. In addition to this,

they manufacture specially designed panels that avoid sharp edges and corners in an

effort to reduce the risk of injuring or bruising animals.

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