Storm Board LLP is the board manufacturing relative of Protomax Plastics Ltd.

Protomax are the world leaders when it comes to plastic board manufacturing technology.

An integral part of the manufacturing process is the know-how Protomax have built up over the years of installing machines and making panels. To make the most of this pool of knowledge, some of the guys decided to build a manufacturing plant in the UK, called Stormboard. They are based near Bath, and their board production is in Hull.

Storm Board’s focus is turning waste plastic into a weather proof and recyclable alternative to plywood that can last for years before needing to be recycled.

Made from recycled materials.
Can be laminated to be more appealing.
More durable than many alternatives so can last for years outside on a farm.


The UK imports about 1.4 million m3 of plywood each year. To put this into perspective, that would be the equivalent weight of approximately 30 million Storm Boards. In addition to this, comes a similar consumption of particle board and MDF.

This is a massive environmental issue, especially considering a large number of these boards are used in temporary applications such as site hoardings and concrete form work. This results in many of these boards being thrown into a landfill due to their toxic formaldehyde content, which Stormboard aims to stop.

It is also estimated that each year up to 420,000 tonnes of waste wood is produced by households, or deposited at civic amenity sites in the UK. Packaging (pallets and crates) produce a further 670,000 tonnes, and construction and demolition 750,000 tonnes. (Based on figures according to the UK Overseas Trade Statistics and UK Timber Statistics 2006)

The environmental damage caused by this is monumental. In an effort to reduce the industry’s impact, Stormboard use waste plastics to produce a board that, due to its weather resistant properties, can be reused many times and recycled into another board at the end of its life.

What they offer:

Storm Board HI (High Impact)

Storm Board HI with integral fire retardant skin

Storm Board SF (Shop Fitting)

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