The Best Calf Hutches on the Market


Agri-Plastics offer well ventilated, tough calf hutches which are an essential housing alternative for calves in their first 6–12 weeks of life, in order to reduce calf mortality and the risk of cross infection to ensure that young calves grow into healthy adult stock.

Built tough enough to handle the most demanding operations, and backed by a 10 year warranty, a Calf Hutch from Agri-Plastics is the only serious choice. Agri – Plastics calf hutches are available in 2 Different Styles: Deluxe SL Calf Hutch & Deluxe EXL Calf Hutch.


In 1999 Agri-Plastics designed the firstever rear feeding and bedding door. Due to innovative designs such as our 3- in- one Rear Door, Agri-Plastics continues to leadthe industry. Made with 100% virgin polyethylene making your investment last longer! The innovative rear feeder/bedding door, available exclusively from Agri-Plastics, is leaps and bounds above other hutches on the market and is available on both models!

  • The only mangers with splash guards
  • Manger positioned to keep sleeping area clean and dry
  • Manger bolts to right, left or rear inside wall (under feed door)
  • White Pails: This means calf starter usage will begin in 1-2 days vs 4 days for black pails
  • Built in double pail holder
  • Two rugged poly pails included
  • Left to Right offset door, or full cutout for warmer climates
  • “Stay open Door” locks into place when opened
  • Adjustable grill vent
  • Rear feed access
  • Rear bedding door
  • Rear door can be operated with one hand
  • Roof ventilation opens and closes
  • Rear door swings out of way

Climate Control

Sliding Roof Vent, Larger Vents for Better Ventilation

We may not be able to control the weather outside but inside an Agri-Plastics Calf Hutch the weather is great!

All this Means Reduced Pneumonia and Vet Bills – Saving You Money!

Deluxe SL Calf Hutch

Agri-Plastics SL Calf Hutch is used for standard growth periods 6 to 8 weeks of age. This hutch is very popular when calves are weaned up to 8 weeks of age. Options for feeding include side and rear feeding

Deluxe SL Calf Hutch Specifications

Outside Height:53.5″135.89 cm
Outside Length:87″220.98 cm
Outside Width:48″121.92 cm
Weight:95 lbs41 kg

Deluxe EXL Calf Hutch

Agri-Plastics Exl Hutch has been a market leader for over 18 years. This calf hutch is designed for longer growth periods of 8 to 12 weeks of age. It gives better protection from wind, rain and snow in colder climates. The rear of the hutch stays drier and warmer on cold days. Options for feeding include side and rear feeding

Deluxe EXL Calf Hutch Specifications

Outside Height:55″139.7 cm
Outside Length:98″248.9 cm
Outside Width:62″157.7 cm
Weight:135 lbs62 kg
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