Agri-Comfort are livestock comfort specialists founded by dairy farmers, Darren VanBuuren of Agri-Plastics and

Noel Kelly of Creva Agri-International. They are passionate about what they do and work hard to ensure that

fellow dairy farmers worldwide are aware of and have access to the best on-farm solutions

through the use of efficient and effective logistics and sales channels.

Agri-Grid Sand Saver
Cow Comfort Brushes
Huber Technik N Series Rubber



As a result of producers expanding herd size, there has consequently been a gradual change from pasture-based

operations to confinement-type housing systems. These help to improve access to feed and water, provide better protection

from environmental conditions, and allow for a more sanitary area and increased animal comfort.


With this criteria in mind, Agri-Comfort strives to provide high quality farming solutions to take their cattle

to the next level in cow comfort, hoof health and milk production efficiency.

By choosing to only partner with the best factories, farmers can trust where the products are sourced,

the factory warranties and the advice offered by their specialists.



From installation to daily maintenance, their products are designed for labour

efficiency, durability and comfort. Farmers’ time is valuable and herd health is an investment.

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